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Note+Prompt: Thanks for the gift

Note+Prompt: Thanks for the gift

$ 6.50

Social obligation requires writing notes to acknowledge, gifts, but notes to acquaintances or colleagues - people who aren't close friends or relatives - can be challenging. Instead of reaching for a canned greeting card to express your gratitude in the right words, how about writing an original? The trick is to keep the note short and sincere, with a few specific details, and to get it in the mail promptly.

This one-card kit will help you write the perfect note of thanks for a gift from an acquaintance or colleague. You'll get:

  • One small, blank card (A2 size)
  • One stamped envelope (USPS Forever stamp)
  • One primer card that includes instructions and examples to help you write a memorable, one-of-a-kind, personal note

See image for details.

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