The 100 Day Project: 2024

100 Day Project - Set 98

$ 25.00
100 Day Project - Set 98

The idea behind The 100 Day Project is simple: Participants choose a creative project, do that same project every single day for 100 days, and then share the process (or not) on social accounts using the hashtag #The100DayProject (or not).

My project for 2024 was to make a daily collage (about 5x7 inches) that I cut into quarters and mounted on cards.

Each card set includes a quartet of collage images, one image per card, mounted on fine stationery stock, with four matching envelopes. Each card is signed and numbered. They can be used as greeting cards, popped into frames to be displayed as art, or both!

The featured image shows only one of the four cards. The remaining three cards in the set will be similar in theme to the main image, but each card is its own unique work of art.

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