"How To" kit for the reluctant note writer

$ 20.00

It's OK; this is a safe space. You don't like to write notes, even though you know you should. We get it.

Or maybe YOU like to write notes, and you're just asking for a friend (or a teenage son). Whatever it is that brought you here, you've finally found what you were looking for: the how-to kit that will take the pain out of writing those notes.

You went on a job interview? Yes, you have to write a note.

Your neighbor gave you $20 as a graduation present? Write the note.

Your friend's dog died? OK, you don't HAVE to write the note. But you really should.

If having to write a thank you note (or any other kind of note) fills you with dread, then this kit is your anxiety medicine. It's a simple instruction card, complete with an outline that will work for just about any note you'll have to write, along with six plain, flat cards (that have a reasonably neutral blue border), six USPS Forever stamps, and a pen.

This is like the postcard that shows you how to tie a tie, the sticky note that has your passwords on it, and a phone consult with your mom, all in one.

Want different cards in the kit? NP. Just attach a memo to your order, or email info@larksomegoods.com

Dude, just do it.