Note+Prompt: Thanks for hospitality

$ 6.50

Instead of reaching for a canned greeting card for the right words to express your thanks for a warm bed (or comfy sofa) and roof over your head for a night, how about writing an original? Sometimes referred to as "bread and butter letters," handwritten notes that express thanks for the gift of hospitality are as important now as ever. If someone opens his or her home to you for the night, courtesy requires that a note be sent within a few days. The note doesn't have to be long or formal, just sincere and prompt.

This one-card kit will help you write the perfect note of thanks for the gift of hospitality. You'll get:

  • One small, blank card (A2 size)
  • One stamped envelope (USPS Forever stamp)
  • One primer card that includes instructions and examples to help you write a memorable, one-of-a-kind, personal note

See image for details.

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